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  You should arrive to Johanesburg (Capital of South Africa),from there you take a local flight depending to the arrival place.If you go to Northen Cape,you have to Kimberley,and if you go to Eastern Cape,you have to arrive to Port Elizabeth.
 • Pasaport,it has to be able with 6 months before the time of your journey.
 • Air tickets.
 • Visa (Ask in the Embassy of your country if it´s necessary)
 • Certificate of vaccine against Yellow Fever.
 • Certificate of propiety of your Firearms.
 • Declare before at the Airport of you country all your  expensives belongings like cameras and notebooks.
 • Licence of temporary importation of firearms.
     Caza de Eland   Vaccination
When you arrive to South Africa you don´t need prevention against Malaria but is an obligation vaccine against Yellow Fever at least 10 days before you travel.When you vaccine received an International Certificate of vaccination,and you have to present with your passport in the Airport when you make the Check-in.

Consulting at your Doctor before vaccine in persons less than a year or older than 60 years.

 Caza de Redhartebeest
Clothes recomended
 • Hat or cap.
 • Huntings clothes ,including trousers ,shorts,shirt long and short sleeve. 
 • Colours of clothes recomended are dark green,brown or camouflage.

 • A pair of trecking boots or hunting boots.
 • A pair of trining shoes for casual time.
 • A sueter or hunting jacket.
 • Casual clothes for before and after of safari.
 • Swimming suit.

Sable Official Money 
 The official money is the Rand but is common use Dolars and Euros.In the Lodge received also cash money or Travel Checks and Credit Cards.Is recommended also the Cash for Tips and casuals buys in the Airport,Free Shops,etc.               

 The electrical current on Network is of 220/230 watts,but is necessary a pair of adapters if you bring electricals machines,as electrical shaver,chargers to cell phone,etc.Adapters are of two cilindrics pins,where the option of another adapter you can use your electric belongins.  

 There are 11 official languages like Afrikans,Zulu,English,Dutch,etc. But you can use English or French without any kind of problem.

Caza de Ñú


 The Company is not responsible of:

 Lost of flight or mislay your luggages at the Airport.

 Accidents or actions previous or following of your stage of Hunting in our property. 

 Accidents for wrong manipulating of Firearms  

 Transactions of flights and Visas when you visit countries of Africa or connection Countries




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