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 Eastern Cape
Caza de Nyala
Our zone of Hunting is located in the middle of the province of Eastern Cape,to 230 km of Port Elizabeth.This place is mountainous,wheres the highest peaks got approximately of 3.000 mts over the sea level.
Caza de Facocerol
  The landscape have a lot of vegetation,where is the ideal place to develop of animals as the Bushbuck,Nyala,Bushpig and Kudu Cape.Hunting is made by foot, also waiting and in vehicles all route with all the equipments.This last form is special that persons that didn´t be in good form,oldmen and also some lazy hunter.Shoots are made in long distances,between 100 to 300 mts.Here not only enjoy your Hunting but also enjoy of a gorgeous view of the province of South.

Caza de Red Lechwe

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