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South Africa

We are a team of Outfitters  specialized to give a entire sevice of Hunting in the African Continent,our places of Hunting are principally in the Republic of South Africa.,locatedin the Northern Cape,bordering with Botswana with species of plane game,with danger animals with big sizes as the Kalahari lions,and in the Eastern Cape there are endemic species in natural conditions and with the best quality like no place in another place in the continet. 

 Then with the two options of weather,geografy and vegetation we can have of the majority of Hunting species that lives in Africa.

 Our Team Hunting in Affica offer...

  • Organize the best Safari that you need
  • Advices and assitant in all your trip.
  • Lodging very confortable.
  • Traditional Foods and Gourmet.
  • Guides with a lot of experience in their job. 
  • Excellent treatment and attention of our Team.
  • Advices of customs and sorts of Hunting.

 Our Team Hunting in Africa facilitate all the things for your Hunting became in a unique  and unforgettable experience.

"Big Game in full Freedom state and exclusive High Fences with the best genetic in the world"


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